SALAMA -  Swahili Language Manager

SALAMA is a computational system facilitating many kinds of applications based on written Swahili text. The acronym SALAMA is also a real word in Swahili and Finnish. In Swahili it means peace and security. In Finnish it means lightning during thunderstorm. Both meanings apply also to this system. It is safe to operate with, and it is also fast.

SALAMA has been under development since 1985 .

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A series of technical reports gives an overview of the ongoing development of SALAMA.

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Prof. Arvi Hurskainen, University of Helsinki S.S. Sewangi, Institute of Kiswahili Research Janet Ng'ang'a, University of Helsinki
Prof. Arvi Hurskainen, University of Helsinki, director of the project. arvi.hurskainen at
Dr. S.S. Sewangi, Institute of Kiswahili Research, Univ. of Dar-es-Salaam, expert in domain-specific dictionary compilation.
sewangi at

Dr. Wanjiku Ng'ang'a, University of Nairobi, expert in machine learning and translation, especially in sematic disambiguation. j.w.nganga.98 at