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A list of interesting links
Did you know that there is available an excellent SPELLING CHECKER FOR SWAHILI? It is fully compatible with all versions of Microsoft Word starting from Word 95 version. It operates also in other Microsoft Office applications. More information on Orthografix 2 for Kiswahili is available on the home page of

University researchers may get access to the Helsinki Corpus of Swahili, which contains news texts from a number of current newspapers, and extracts from books. The corpus has been annotated automatically with SALAMA (Swahili Language Manager). More information on the corpus and its use conditions in CSC, the Finnish IT Center for Scientific Computing

A text version (plain text without tags) of the Swahili corpus is also available for reserch purposes in Helsinki University Language Corpus Server. Here you can get the user account application form, Instructions of use of this corpus can be found here.

The tag set used for describing linguistic features in SALAMA can be found in Tag set of Swahili.

More information of the current applications of SALAMA and ongoing development can be found in Homepage of TransTechno and Swahili Language Manager - SALAMA

Did you know that OpenOffice has been lozalized and translated to Swahili? It can be freely downloaded and there are Linux and Windows versions available. For Linux, also a free Swahili spell checker can be downloaded here.