Nordic Journal of African Studies - Vol 7 Num 2

Nordic Journal of African Studies, Volume 7 Number 2, 1998

Wariboko, N.Capability Distribution and Onset of the 1869 Bonny War |PDF|1
Stotesbury, J.Interviewing African Writers |Abstract|PDF|28
Marizu, O. I.Social Evaluation Survey on Ethnic Relations in Nigeria |Abstract|PDF|39
Amidu, A.The Problem of Lexical Cohesion and Lexical Structure in Bantu Classes (Part 2) |PDF|61
Cabral, A. & Njinya-Mujinya, L. & Habomugisha, P.Published or Rejected? African Intellectuals' Scripts and Foreign Journals, Publishers and Editors |PDF|83

Book Reviews:

Hurskainen, A.Andersson, L-G. & Janson, T., Languages in Botswana |PDF|95
Hurskainen, A.Maho, J. M., Few People, Many Tongues: The Languages of Namibia |PDF|98
Weiss, H.Prozesky, M. & De Gruchy, J. (eds.), Living Faiths in South Africa |PDF|100
van der Heyden, U.Stemmet, F., The Golden Contradiction |PDF|102

ISSN 1459-9465