Nordic Journal of African Studies

Nordic Journal of African Studies, Volume 7 Number 1

Author(s) Title Page
H. Weiss Relieving but not preventing - Public famine relief in some British colonies in Africa up to 1930  1
M. Vehnämäki Adjusted environment: Evidence from Ghana's structural adjustment program  27
A.M. Nangend The heartbeat and rhythm of life: The cardinal points in the socio-cultural construction of Bukisu personhood  39
P. Mikkola Random coincidence in mass comparison: Preliminary analysis of the Nilo-Saharan lexicon |Abstract| 63
O. Akinwumi The Abakwariga and the economic transformation of the Jukun, Kingdom of Wukari, ca. 1650-1900  93
J.A. Ògúnwá The derogation of masculinity in Yorùbá proverbs  103

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