Nordic Journal of African Studies - Vol 6 Num 1

Nordic Journal of African Studies, Volume 6 Number 1, 1997

Abbink, J.The Shrinking Cultural and Political Space of East African Pastoral Societies |PDF|1
Laakso, L.Why Are Elections Not Democratic in Africa? Comparisons between the Recent Multi-party Elections in Zimbabwe and Tanzania|PDF|18
Kabuta, N. S.Isimu-Ushairi: Muundo wa Majigambo |PDF|36
Amidu, A. A.The Problem of Lexical Cohesion and Lexical Structure in Bantuclasses (Part 1) |PDF|64
Asafo, D. R.Social Class Conversion: Socioeconomic Status of Early Christian Converts in Africa |PDF|81
Ogungbile, D. O.Meeting Point of Culture and Health: The Case of the Aladura Churches in Nigeria |PDF|98

ISSN 1459-9465