Nordic Journal of African Studies - Vol 5 Num 2

Nordic Journal of African Studies, Volume 5 Number 2, 1996

Lindfors, B.Hottentot, Bushman, Kaffir: Taxonomic Tendencies in Nineteenth-Century Racial Iconography |PDF|1
Bodomo, A. B.On Language and Development in Africa: The Case of Ghana |Abstract|PDF|31
Ylänkö, M.Factors Affecting the HIV-Epidemic and its Differences in Sub-Saharan Africa - a Summary with Some Methodological Reflections |PDF|54
Suda, C.The Centrality of Women in the Moral Teachings in African Society |Abstract|PDF|71
Seppälä, P.Negotiated Development - A New Paradigm for Social Dynamics in Rural Africa |PDF|84
Efana, L.In Memoriam - Claude Ake (1939-1996) |PDF|98

ISSN 1459-9465