Nordic Journal of African Studies

Nordic Journal of African Studies, Volume 5 Number 1

Author(s) Title Page
P. Kishindo Fanner Turn Over on Settlement Schemes: The Experience of Limphasa Irrigated Rice Scheme, Northern Malawi  |Abstract| 1
R.O. Lasisi Liquor Traffic in Africa under the League of Nations 1919-1945: French Togo as an Example |Abstract| 11
P. K. Agbedor The Structure and Language of Ewe Libation Prayer |Abstract| 25
M. Woube Environmental Deterioration in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA): The Challenge of Sustainable Development  51
E. Bertoncini-Ziibkova A Stylistic Analysis of Mohamed Suleiman's Short Story: Uhuru wa Siku Moja  63
A.A. Amidu Kiswahili, a Continental Language: How Possible Is It? (Part II) continued from NJAS 4:2  84
R.E.S. Tanner Some Reflections on a foreigner's use of Swahili  107
L. Njinya-Mujinya lnforrnation Banks in Rural Africa: A Missing Building Block  118
K.A. Acheampong The Democratization Process in South Africa: Implications for Human Rights Promotion and Protection in the Southern African Sub-Region  125

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