Nordic Journal of African Studies - Vol 3 Num 2

Nordic Journal of African Studies, Volume 3 Number 2, 1994

Efana, L. U. B.Politics and the Plights of Mobile Students, Scholars and Scientists: A Pip at Finnish-African Interuniversity Co-operation 1
Bodomo, A.Language, History and Culture in Northern Ghana: An Introduction to the Mabia Linguistic Group 25
Amidu, A. A.A 'Progressive' Derivational Verbid in Kiswahili Predicate Items 44
Burssens, N.Le Mot "Coeur" dans Quelques Expressions Buma 72
Harjula, R.Animals, Birds and Insects as Metaphors in Meru Proverbs 76
Mtuze, P. T.Towards Decolonizing African Culture 92
Obeng, E. A.A Reflection on Faith-Healing Ministry in an African Perspective 101
Hurskainen, A.Plant Taxonomy of the Parakuyo (Tanzania) PDF117


Danfulani, U. H. D.P. M. Peek (ed.): African Divination Systems: Ways of Knowing 163
Helander, B.Axmed Cali Abokor: Somali Pastoral Work Songs: The Voice of the Politically Powerless 167

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