Nordic Journal of African Studies - Vol 3 Num 1

Nordic Journal of African Studies, Volume 3 Number 1, 1994

Salih, S. A.Food Security in East and Southern Africa |PDF|3
Bryceson, D. F.Too Many Assumptions: Researching Grain Markets in Tanzania |PDF|29
Chizuni, J. M.Food Policies and Food Security in Zambia |PDF|46
Maphosa, B.Lessons from the 1992 Drought in Zimbabwe: The Quest for Alternative Food Policies |PDF|53
Ouedraogo, J-B.Systèmes de santé et changement social dans le Boulgou: configurations et participations |PDF|59
Siiskonen, H.Namibia and the Heritabe of Colonial Alcohol Policy |PDF|77
Lodhi, A. Y.Muslims in Eastern Africa - Their Past and Present |PDF|88
Peter, C. B.African Hyphenated Christians - An Alternate Model of Theologizing in Africa |PDF|100
Agbedor, P.Verb Serialization in Ewe |PDF|115


Hellan, L.The 2nd Trondheim Seminar of African Linguistics |PDF|139

ISSN 1459-9465