Nordic Journal of African Studies - Vol 2 Num 2

Nordic Journal of African Studies, Volume 2 Number 2, 1993

Salih, M.Introduction: The Role of Social Science in Conflict Analysis. The Crisis of Contemporary Paradigms |PDF|3
Hurskainen, A.Knowledge or Prejudice? Bridging the Communication Gap Between Center and Periphery |PDF|23
El-Affendi, A.Knowledge, Justice and Conflict Resolution: Islamic Perspectives and Traditions |PDF|42
Närman, A.What's in a Word? Development in Harmony or Conflict? |PDF|51
O'Brien, J.Ethnicity, National Identity and Social Conflict |PDF|60
Wood, A.Natural Resource Conflicts in South-West Ethiopia: State, Communities, and the Role of the National Conservation Strategy in the Search for Sustainable Development |PDF|83
Sekitoleko, V.Resolution of Conflicts between Agriculture and Environment Protection in Uganda |PDF|103
Bigombe, B.Uganda Government Approach to Conflicts in the North and North Eastern Uganda |PDF|109
Joy, P.The Crisis of Farming Systems in Luapula Province, Zambia |PDF|118
Nindi, B.Agricultural Transformation in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Search for Viable Options |PDF|142

ISSN 1459-9465