Nordic Journal of African Studies - Vol 2 Num 1

Nordic Journal of African Studies, Volume 2 Number 1, 1993

Jacobson-Widding, A.Individual Identity in African Story Telling |PDF|5
Amidu, A. A.Lessons from Kimondo: an Aspect of Kiswahili Culture |PDF|34
Endresen, R. T.The Eastern Fula Auxiliaries 'Don and 'E and their Historical Relationship to Western Fula Long Subject Pronouns |PDF|57
Lodhi, A. Y.The Language Situation in Africa Today |PDF|79
Simola, R.The Flute, The Drum and How the Leopard Got His Claws by Chinua Achebe |PDF|87
Stotesbury, J. A.A Critical Reassessment of Gender in John Buchan's Prester John |PDF|103
Koponen, J.The Participation of Africa: A Scramble for a Mirage? |PDF|117
Korvenoja, T.The Environmental Problems and Politics of Power. Review on the African Elite |PDF|140

ISSN 1459-9465