Nordic Journal of African Studies

Nordic Journal of African Studies, Volume 26 Number 2, Special Issue 2017

Author(s) Title Page
Singh, S. B. and Khan, S. Migration Dynamics in Western and Southern Africa. Introductory Article. |Abstract|PDF| 79
Khan, S. Cross Provincial Migration amongst the South African Indian Community |Abstract|PDF| 88
Jagganath, G. Foodways and Culinary Capital in the Diaspora: Indian Women Expatriates in South Africa Gerelene Jagganath |Abstract|PDF| 107
Singh, S. B. Migration and African Foreign Nationals Incarcerated at the Westville Correctional Centre, Durban, South Africa |Abstract|PDF| 126
Adeniran, A. I. The Migration and Integration of Ejigbo-Yoruba in Cote d’Ivoire |Abstract|PDF| 144
Hiralal, K. Women and Migration-Challenges and Constraints – A South African Perspective |Abstract|PDF| 158

ISSN 1459-9465