Nordic Journal of African Studies

Nordic Journal of African Studies, Volume 26 Number 1

Author(s) Title Page
Akumbu, P. W. and Hyman, L. M. Nasals and Low Tone in Grassfields Noun Class Prefixes |Abstract|PDF| 1
Nelson, E.-U. E. Intimate Partner Violence against Women and the Social Construction of Masculinity in Oron, South-Coastal Nigeria  |Abstract|PDF| 14
Saboro, E. The Wound and the Voice: Verbal Articulations of Enslavement among the Bulsa and Kasena of Ghana  |Abstract|PDF| 34
Agyepong, D. P., Amfo, N. A. A. and Osam, E. K. Literal and Metaphorical Usages of ‘Eat’ and ‘Drink’ in Akan |Abstract|PDF| 62

ISSN 1459-9465