Nordic Journal of African Studies

Nordic Journal of African Studies, Volume 25 Number 1

Author(s) Title Page
Ismail, A. A. Maandeeq: The Dilemma of the Post-Colonial State in Somalia  |Abstract|PDF| 1
Orkaydo, O. O. and Mous, M. Subject clitics in Konso  |Abstract|PDF| 23
Ngonyani, D. S. Pairwise Combinations of Swahili Applicative with other Verb Extensions  |Abstract|PDF| 52
Moustaoui Srhir, A. New linguistic Practices of the February 20 Movement in Morocco: Toward a New Model of Language Policy  |Abstract|PDF| 72
Kembo-Sure and Ogechi, N. O. Literacy through a foreign language and Children’s Rights to Education: An Examination of Kenya’s Medium of Instruction Policy  |Abstract|PDF| 92

ISSN 1459-9465