Nordic Journal of African Studies - Vol 1 Num 1

Nordic Journal of African Studies, Volume 1 Number 1, 1992

Jacobson-Widding, A.Pits, Pots and Snakes - An Anthropological Approach to Ancient African Symbols |PDF|5
Endresen, R. T.La Phonologie de la Langue Nizaa (Niza) |PDF|28
Sengo, T. S. Y.Utamaduni wa Kiswahili: Wilaya ya Kusini-Unguja |PDF|53
Lodhi, A. Y.African Settlements in India |PDF|83
Hurskainen, A.A Two-Level Computer Formalism for the Analysis of Bantu Morphology. An Application to Swahili |Abstract|PDF|87

ISSN 1459-9465