Nordic Journal of African Studies

Nordic Journal of African Studies, Volume 17 Number 2, 2008

Author Title Page
Bosch, S., Pretorius, L. and Fleisch, A. Experimental Bootstrapping of Morphological Analysers for Nguni Languages |Abstract|PDF| 66
Sambieni, C. La reconstruction interne du byali, gur oriental, Bénin|Abstract|PDF| 89
Githinji, P. Ambivalent Attitudes: Perception of Sheng and its Speakers |Abstract|PDF| 113
Ndhlovu, F. Language and African Development: Theoretical Reflections on the Place of Languages in African Studies |Abstract|PDF| 137
Rudwick, S.I. Shifting Norms of Linguistic and Cultural Respect: Hybrid Sociolinguistic Zulu Identities |Abstract|PDF| 152

ISSN 1459-9465