Nordic Journal of African Studies

Nordic Journal of African Studies, Volume 16 Number 2, 2007

Author Title Page
Bosch, S.E., Pretorius, L. & Jones, J. Towards Machine-Readable Lexicons for South African Bantu languages |Abstract|PDF| 131
Msila, V. From Apartheid Education to the Revised National Curriculum Statement: Pedagogy for Identity Formation and Nation Building in South Africa|Abstract|PDF| 146
Smit, R. Living in an Age of HIV and AIDS: Implications for Families in South Africa |Abstract|PDF| 161
Afful, J.B.A. Address Forms and Variation Among University Students in Ghana |Abstract|PDF| 179
Simola, R. Notion of Hybridity in the Discourse of Some Contemporary West African Artists |Abstract|PDF| 197
Ademuleya, B.A. The Concept of Ori in the Traditional Yoruba Visual Representation of Human Figures |Abstract|PDF| 212
Ibhawoh, B. Second World War Propaganda, Imperial Idealism and Anti-Colonial Nationalism in British West Africa |Abstract|PDF| 221
Manus, U.C. The Sacred Festival of Iri Ji Ohuru in Igboland, Nigeria |Abstract|PDF| 244
Adeboye, O. The Changing Conception of Elderhood in Ibadan, 1830 2000 |Abstract|PDF| 261
Uchendu, E. Masculinity and Nigerian Youths |Abstract|PDF| 279

ISSN 1459-9465