Nordic Journal of African Studies

Nordic Journal of African Studies, Volume 15 Number 3, 2006

Author Title Page
Beyene, G. and Tolera, A. Marriage Practices Among The Gidda Oromo, Northern Wollega, Ethiopia |Abstract|PDF| 240
Wolyie Hussein, J. A critical review of the political and stereotypical portrayals of the Oromo in the Ethiopian historiography|Abstract|PDF| 256
Fakoya, A.A. Response-Comment Elements in Yorb Conversational Discourse |Abstract|PDF| 277
Ihemere, K.U. A Basic Description and Analytic Treatment of Noun Clauses in Nigerian Pidgin |Abstract|PDF| 296
Olateju, M.A. Cohesion in ESL Classroom Written Texts |Abstract|PDF| 314
k, M. Cultural Nostalgia: A Philosophical Critique of Appeals to the Past in Theories of Re-Making Africa |Abstract|PDF| 332
Nanfosso, R.A. Economie politique d'une dynamique dans les exportations camerounaises |Abstract|PDF| 344
Munthali, A.C. Health Problems That Require No "Medication": The Case of Ancestor-Related Illnesses Among the Tumbuka of Northern Malawi |Abstract|PDF| 367
Granqvist, R.J. Peter Pan in Nairobi: Masculinity's Postcolonial City |Abstract|PDF| 380
Onyango-Ouma, W. School Knowledge and Its Relevance to Everyday Life in Rural Western Kenya |Abstract|PDF| 393
Tar, Usman A. Old Conflict, New Complex Emergency: An Analysis of Darfur Crisis, Western Sudan |Abstract|PDF| 406

ISSN 1459-9465