Nordic Journal of African Studies

Nordic Journal of African Studies, Volume 15 Number 1, 2006

Hillenbrand, E. Improving Traditional-Conventional Medicine Collaboration: Perspectives from Cameroonian Traditional Practitioners |Abstract|PDF| 1
Weinger, S. Fonjong, L.,
Fonchingong, C. and Allen, R.
Unmasking Women’s Rivalry in Cameroonian Folktales |Abstract|PDF| 16
Ugochukwu, F. Goyemide on Slavery: The Liberating Power of The Word |Abstract|PDF| 27
Kirwin, M. The Security Dilemma and Conflict in Cote d’Ivoire |Abstract|PDF| 42
Kamwendo, G. No Easy Walk to Linguistic Freedom: A Critique of Language Planning During South Africa’s First Decade of Democracy |Abstract|PDF| 53
Akande, A.T., Adedeji, E.O. & Okanlawon, B.O. Lexical Errors in the English of Technical College Students in Osun State of Nigeria |Abstract|PDF| 71
Ayeomoni, M.O. Code-Switching and Code-Mixing: Style of Language Use in Childhood in Yoruba Speech Community |Abstract|PDF| 90

Book Review:

Gustafsson, K.MIETTINEN Kari, 2005. On the Way to Whiteness: Christianization, Conflict and Change in Colonial Ovamboland, 1910-1965. |PDF|100

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