Nordic Journal of African Studies

Nordic Journal of African Studies, Volume 14 Number 1, 2005

Njozi, H. M.Utilitarianism versus Universalism in Dangarembga's Nervous Conditions |Abstract|PDF|1
Msanjila, Y. P.Problems of Writing in Kiswahili: A Case Study of Kigurunyembe and Morogoro Secondary Schools in Tanzania |Abstract|PDF|15
Atoye, R. O.Non-Native Perception and Interpretation of English Intonation |Abstract|PDF|26
Nkemleke, D. A.Must and Should in Cameroon English |Abstract|PDF|43
Orock, R. T. E.The Indigene-Settler Divide, Modernisation and the Land Question: Indications for Social (Dis)order in Cameroon |Abstract|PDF|68
Rotimi, A.Violence in the Citadel: The Menace of Secret Cults in the Nigerian Universities |Abstract|PDF|79
Njoku, U. J.Colonial Political Re-Engineering and the Genesis of Modern Corruption in African Public Service: The Issue of the Warrant Chiefs of South Eastern Nigeria as a Case in Point |Abstract|PDF|99
Jegede, A. S.The Notion of 'Were' in Yoruba Conception of Mental Illness |Abstract|PDF|117

ISSN 1459-9465