Nordic Journal of African Studies - Vol 13 Num 3

Nordic Journal of African Studies, Volume 13 Number 3, 2004

Akokpari, J. K.The AU, NEPAD and the Promotion of Good Governance in Africa |Abstract|PDF|243
Ebeku, K. S. A.A New Hope for African Women: Overview of Africa’s Protocol on Women’s Rights |Abstract|PDF|264
Kamwendo, G. H.'Your Chitumbuka is Shallow. It's not the Real Chitumbuka': Linguistic Purism Among Chitumbuka Speakers in Malawi |Abstract|PDF|275
Konings, P.Trade-Union Activism Among University Teachers During Cameroon’s Political Liberalisation |Abstract|PDF|289
Muzvidziwa, V. N.Reflections on Ethical Issues: A Study of How Urban Women Dealt with Impoverishment |Abstract|PDF|302
Babalola, E. T. and Babalola, A. C.The Place of Functional Communication in Self-Help Development Projects among Adults in Osun State, Nigeria (1985-1999 |Abstract|PDF|319
Moto, F.Towards a Study of the Lexicon of Sex and HIV/AIDS |Abstract|PDF|343
Hurskainen, A.Swahili Language Manager: A Storehouse for Developing Multiple Computational Applications |Abstract|PDF|363

ISSN 1459-9465