Nordic Journal of African Studies - Vol 13 Num 1

Nordic Journal of African Studies, Volume 13 Number 1, 2004

Mbuagbo, O. T. &
Akoko, R. M.
Roll-Back: Democratization and Social Fragmentation in Cameroon |Abstract|PDF|1
Fonjong, L. N.Changing Fortunes of Government Policies and its Implications on the Application of Agricultural Innovations in Cameroon |Abstract|PDF|13
Khamis, S. A. M.Images of Love in The Swahili Taarab Lyric: Local Aspects and Global Influence |Abstract|PDF|30
Tanner, R. E. S.The Inequality of Unwritten Languages: Some Reflections on the Christian Use of the Vernacular in Eastern Africa |Abstract|PDF|65
Lamidi, M. T.The Scopal Authority of Heads in Yoruba-English Code-Switching |Abstract|PDF|76
Harjula, L.Handling Tone in Two-Level Morphology: The Case of Ha |Abstract|PDF|95
Wambach, M.Méthodologie des Langues en Milieu Multilingue |Abstract|PDF|103

Book Reviews:

Gustafsson, K.Weiss, H., Obligatory Almsgiving: An Inquiry Into Zakat In The Pre-Colonial Bilad Al-Sudan |PDF|137

ISSN 1459-9465