Nordic Journal of African Studies - Vol 12 Num 3

Nordic Journal of African Studies, Volume 12 Number 3, 2003

Conduah, A. N.Introducing an African Language for Teaching and Learning at Wits University |Abstract|PDF|245
Mwansoko, H. J. M.Swahili in Academic Writing |Abstract|PDF|265
Ogechi, N. O.On Language Rights in Kenya |Abstract|PDF|277
Msanjila, Y. P.Kushuka kwa Hadhi ya Lugha za Jamii Nchini Tanzania |Abstract|PDF|296
Akande, A. T.Acquisition of the Inflectional Morphemes by Nigeria Learners of English Language |Abstract|PDF|310
Kishindo, P. J.Recurrent Themes in Chichewa Verse in Malawian Newspapers |Abstract|PDF|327
Fbnmi, C. A.A GPSG Appraisal of Sequential Distribution of Auxiliary Verbs in jes Dialect of Yorb |Abstract|PDF|355
Kehinde, A.Intertextuality and the Contemporary African Novel |Abstract|PDF|372
Mutia, B. J.Stylistic Patterns in Oral Literature: The Form and Structure of Bakweri Dirges |Abstract|PDF|387
Ng'ang'a, W.Semantic Analysis of Kiswahili Words Using the Self Organizing Map |Abstract|PDF|407

ISSN 1459-9465