Nordic Journal of African Studies - Vol 11 Num 2

Nordic Journal of African Studies, Volume 11 Number 2, 2002

wa Mberia, K.Nasal Consonant Processes in Kitharaka |Abstract|PDF|156
Ogechi, N. O. and
Bosire-Ogechi, E.
Educational Publishing in African Languages, with a Focus on Swahili in Kenya |Abstract|PDF|167
Kiango, J. G.Nafasi ya Kiswahili katika ujenzi wa jamii mpya ya Afrika Mashariki |Abstract|PDF|185
Khamis, Said A. M.Wondering about Change: The Taarab Lyric and Global Openness |Abstract|PDF|198
Kishindo, P. J."Flogging a Dead Cow?": The Revival of Malawian Chingoni |Abstract|PDF|206
Mbaya, MawejaLinguistic Taboo in African Marriage Context: A Study of the Oromo Laguu |Abstract|PDF|224
Akande, T.Structural Complexity and the Acquisition of the Hq Nominal Group Type in English |Abstract|PDF|236
Prinsloo, D. and
De Schryver, G-M.
Towards and 11 x 11 Array for the Degree of Conjunctivism/Disjunctivism of the South African Languages |Abstract|PDF|249
De Schryver, G-M.Web for/as Corpus: A Perspective for the African Languages |Abstract|PDF|266
Hurskainen, A.Tathmini ya Kamusi Tano ya Kiswahili |Abstract|PDF|283

ISSN 1459-9465