Nordic Journal of African Studies - Vol 10 Num 3

Nordic Journal of African Studies, Volume 10 Number 3, 2001

Guma, M.The Cultural Meaning of Names among Basotho of South Africa: A Historical and Linguistic Analysis |Abstract|PDF|265
Loftsdóttir, K.Birds of the Bush: Wodaabe Distinctions of Society and Nature |Abstract|PDF|280
Englund, H.Chinyanja and the Language of Rights |Abstract|PDF|299
Moto, F.Language and Societal Attitudes: A Study of Malawi's 'New Language' |Abstract|PDF|320
Outa, G. O.The Dramaturgy of Power and Politics in Post-colonial Kenya: A Comparative Re-reading of 'Forms' in Texts by Ngugi wa Thiongo and Francis Imbuga |Abstract|PDF|344
Taiwo, R.Lexico-Semantic Relations Errors in Senior Secondary School Students' Writing |Abstract|PDF|366
de Schryver, G-M. & Prinsloo, D.Corpus-based Activities versus Intuition-based Compilations by Lexicographers. The Sepedi Lemma-sign List as a Case in Point |Abstract|PDF|374
Hurskainen, A. & Halme, R.Mapping between Disjoining and Conjoining Writing Systems in Bantu Languages: Implementation on Kwanyama |Abstract|PDF|399

ISSN 1459-9465