Nordic Journal of African Studies - Abstract

Title: Beer Tourism in South Africa: Emergence and Contemporary Directions
Authors: Christian M. Rogerson and Keagan J.E. Collins
Published: © Nordic Journal of African Studies Vol. 24(3&4) 2015, pp. 241–258
Language: English
Keywords: culinary tourism, beer tourism, South Africa, craft beer


Beer tourism is a growing dimension of culinary or food tourism. In terms of culinary tourism South Africa is traditionally associated with wine tourism. However, the country is experiencing the rise of beer tourism. Against the background of international research on beer tourism the paper examines the emergence, growth and changing directions of South African beer tourism. It is argued that the current focus in beer tourism is upon the country’s expanding network of craft beer micro-breweries and associated organized beer festivals. Beer tourism offers opportunities for driving tourism development in several destinations including small town South Africa.

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